What is Woodbound?

Woodbound is a survival-roleplaying game about cultivating a community in a world reclaimed by nature and ruled by an enigmatic and exacting entity.

The player will assume the responsibilities of the leader of a tribe vying for safety and livelihood in the wilderness. Starting alone, the player must hunt, trade or pillage for supplies and materials in order to keep themselves fed, clothed, and healthy. With a focus on object physicality, these tasks are difficult to maintain alone, encouraging interaction with the humans who inhabit the world the players find themselves in. Different NPCs are better at certain tasks than others, and should be assigned to tasks accordingly. NPCs will develop relationships with each other based on interests, co-operative tasks, and other factors, which lead to scenarios of comradery, rivalry, affection and disdain. As time passes and NPCs grow together, families will form, babies will be born and elders will pass away. Life and its elements cycle on throughout gameplay, and affect the way the world is seen and the game is experienced.

The world in Woodbound is one painted by natures brush; forests, plains, mountains and rivers shape the landscape and dictate the behavior of the creatures dwelling in it. Animals have a life cycle alongside NPCs, and form an ecosystem around each other, with predators hunting prey and all classes interacting and behaving based on their experiences. Despite the rolling hills and sweeping valleys shaping the land, pockets of ruins from a time forgotten pepper the landscape, full of resources and mystery for anyone willing and able to explore them.

Many tribes dot the landscape as well, and can be met by the player and/or their fellow tribesmen, with friendliness or force, to and fro. Establish treaties, declare war, establish trade routes, or even form alliances; these lands are shared, but the player's actions can determine to what degree.

Regardless of the players disposition to the wildlife or other humans in Woodbound, a common foe remains; a powerful group of higher-level humans who rule the land aboard their powerful airship, demanding sacrifice in exchange for mercy. A tribe that provides sacrifice will find themselves left alone to grow and thrive. A tribe that resists will find themselves at war with a staggeringly powerful and unforgiving enemy.

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