Summer Devlog

It's been a bit since I've written a formal blog post about Woodbound. I hope everyone is doing well. With the last few weeks of summer on the docket, I figured I'd check in and let everyone know how things were going with Woodbound. Overall, for most of July and August, I didn't actually get a whole lot of time to work on Woodbound. Partly due to me wanting to balance out my time better between my development passions, my family, and my day job, and mostly due to me failing at those attempts by taking a few contract jobs and working on another, smaller project in attempts to raise funding for Woodbound. Regardless, I had a few things that I've finished, I'm wrapping up my last contract job this Friday, and I'm shifting my focus back on Woodbound, so the next blog should be a bit better. Here's what I've done since I last posted:

Basebuilding Revamp The basebuilding revamp is pretty much complete, with frame pieces of the base being placed and then put together board by board, and destroyed in a massive blast of all those boards. Tackling AI next, it'll be cool to see the bases being built by AI who place the boards one at a time, sometimes leaving base pieces unfinished due to distractions or dangers stopping them from completing their tasks.

Forest Spawning

While the landscape is static, forests are now procedurally generated, allowing for a lot of quick control over tree layouts, variety during each playthrough, and easy access to the ISM arrays for instance removal for things like tree cutting.


Flowers got a bit of a touch-up; they're no longer separate meshes with separate materials, they're now one mesh with one material, with the bud being assigned randomly from a grid of 4 available buds. Super performance friendly and easy to use.


Grass had a serious overdraw issue, which is now fixed, so it can be more lush without costing as much.


I fixed some stuff on the campfire, mainly finicky placement, as well as made the particles emit light instead of having a static point light. Much more lively.

And that's about it, the basebuilding thing was definitely the biggest chunk, it's been in my head for a while so it feels nice to have it done.

Until next time!

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