Spring Devlog

It's been a bit since I last posted, I hope you're all doing well. I've got some stuff to show, and some explaining to do. Let's start with the media first:


Different foods have different perks of consumption, and those perk values change based on whether or not the food is raw, cooked or burnt. In order to cook stuff, you can craft a spit from sticks and place it over your fire, and then jam some food chunks on that bad boy, and boom, you're cooking.


You can sleep, either out in the world or in a bed. Perks of sleeping/boons of not sleeping will be discussed later, as some of these mechanics are undergoing some potential refactoring to make things less of a chore list and more fun/strategic plays.

NPCs nap too.


Speaking of NPCs, I put together a wolf NPC. He's not quite as cute as the bison, but he's still a good boi.


I spent a stupid amount of time working on the physical inventory system, where instead of you having items represented by 2D tiles that you arrange on a 2D grid, the items maintain their physical form and are arranged in a 3D grid. The result really helps in our push for item physicality, but it needs work in order to be fun to play with.

Rather than manually picking items up, you can also quick-add them to a smaller inventory space representing what you can carry in your arms. When expanding this into a backpack form I ran into some logistical issues that also make this a bit of a challenge, but I have some ideas on how to get around them that I'll cover in another post.


I added axe throwing:

And dodge-rolls:

The Airship I also started up on the airship, which serves as a transport for an enemy force and the main antagonist plaguing the world in Woodbound. *slaps hood* this baby can fit soooo many cannon balls in it.

Radio Silence

The last time that I posted an update was early March to cover progress from February.

The reason I haven't posted much since then is split into two parts, or rather two timeframes: March through early May, and then May through June.

After the last devlog, we continued working on getting a demo put together by April 30th. However, even with a work schedule of 30 hours a week, which is in addition to my 40 hour/week day job, that deadline I self-assigned was too short. I extended it out to the end of May, but even that was not enough.

Rather than extending it out again, I cut my losses, packaged up what I had, and sent it off to two interested parties. I was not really happy with what I had procured, and combining that with sheer exhaustion from dumping all of my time and much of my available sleeping schedule, I decided to take a break. What started off as a break for a week turned into a break for a month, which turned into me not being productive with the game until the last couple days.

I'm equally unhappy with the lack of productivity as I am with the state of the demo, so while I hate to disappoint with the news that I haven't been up to much, the silver lining is that I've recovered from my burnout and am back to work again. I hate to let people down, and I'm truly grateful for the kind words and support that everyone shows. I've said it a million times, but making games on a schedule like this is not easy. I want Woodbound to be something truly special, and the toughest part of that is reconciling that it will take more time than I'd like, but I'm getting there. Once again, thank you all for your love and support, I'll try my absolute best not to let you down.

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